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Pneumatic Crown Remover-4 Hole

Pneumatic Crown Remover-4 Hole

Pneumatic Crown Remover-4 Hole

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Pneumatic Crown Remover-4 Hole #PNEU-CROWN-REMOV Uses Speed Of Movement Rather Than Brute Force To Comfortably Break The Seal On Virtually Any Type Of Cement. Atraumatic: Insignificant Recoil - Total Comfort Finger Tip Control - One Push - One Impact And No Springs To Reset Fully Adjustable Speed Force Predictable And Economical - Restorations Removed Intact And Reusable Without Cutting Or Drilling Less Chance Of Tooth Fracture Than Traditional C&B Removers Significantly Reduced Chair Time - Can Be Used Without Assistant Threads Onto A Standard Air Handpiece Coupling One Year Warranty Complete Kit Includes: Three Tips & Wrench Flexi-Wire Set For Bridges Instructional Video Pressure Gauge Storage Case

Pneumatic Crown Remover 2014

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